Radical Jesus – New Sermon Series

This Sunday at Pinhoe Road we start a new sermon series in Luke’s gospel called Radical Jesus, taking us right through until Advent/Christmas.

RADICAL [rad-i-kuhl] – noun ‘a person who holds or follows strong convictions or principles.’  

At a time when radical religion understandably has a bad reputation, we are going to look together at the life and ministry of Jesus and consider what it means to follow the example he gives us as we try to live lives as radical disciples. Over the course of the next seven months we will cover topics including forgiveness, compassion, hospitality, generosity, love and provision amongst many others.

On Sunday morning you’ll be handed an A6 postcard as you arrive at church with the first part of the series outlined on it (make sure you arrive on time so as not to miss out!). You can use this to help you in your preparation for church each Sunday (or you can hand them to a friend who needs to come to church and find out about Radical Jesus!).

However, let me encourage you to go beyond just reading the passages in preparation for Sunday and to in fact read the entirety of Luke (and when you’ve finished it, read it again!). As you do so, write down your questions, make a note of words, phrases or verses which stand out to you, get out your study bible and find out for yourself as much as you can about this investigation into the man who was God. It should take less than two hours to read through, so just think how many times you can read it over the next seven months and how well you’ll get to know Doctor Luke and his gospel.

This week the series kicks off in Luke 1:1-4 as we look at why Luke wrote his orderly, eyewitness account of Jesus. Join us from 10:30am for worship, time in God’s word and an opportunity for time together after the service!