Sunday 28th July 2019

On Sunday 28th July we were visited by Pastor Gan from Holy Light Church in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. He is one of the team at a church previously attended by a family who now worship with us here in Exeter.

In the morning service Gan shared briefly with us about the day to day life and ministry of Holy Light Church and we were able to pray for their school and nursing home.

In the evening he came back to share with us about the missional work he engages in with the indigenous people of East Malaysia as well as with the marginalised people in Malaysia Peninsular. We were encouraged to hear about miraculous conversions and people having been healed by God. We were also challenged about how comfortable mission can be in the UK compared with other countries.

We prayed – and continue to pray – for Gan and our brothers and sisters at Holy Light as they engage in this exciting and challenge ministry.

On Sunday 28th July we were joined by Pastor Gan from Holy Light Church – HLCE in Johor Bahru, Malaysia – he shared…

Posted by Pinhoe Road Baptist Church on Monday, 29 July 2019