What Goes In / What Goes On


On Sunday 20th October I asked us to think about the ‘morning routine’ we go through every day. Interestingly, later that day I was watching a sermon being preached live in Arizona and the introduction was as follows:

‘Every morning when we wake up we think about what goes in and what goes on, and what’s true physically is also true spiritually. You don’t just have a body you have a soul. Each day, not just physically do you need to decide what goes in and what goes on, spiritually [with regards to your soul] you need to decide what goes in and what goes on.’

Question: How do you spend time getting ready each day?

Across the congregation our answers will vary hugely and there will be differences for each of us personally, depending on the day of the week and what we have planned. However, regardless of our personal circumstances, as Christians we all have one thing in common every time we wake up and get going for the day; we enter into a spiritual battle.

Jesus has already won the war in his death and resurrection, but each day the devil tries—in vain—to take back ground and to lead people astray. This occurs in many ways but is at its clearest as we are daily tempted to sin or live in a way which doesn’t honour Jesus and how he instructs his disciples to live.

We will all sin and we all make mistakes (no matter how good our morning routine is!), but we give ourselves the best possible chance to do well if we do a few simple things each day:

  • Read (and study) the Bible
  • Pray (including asking forgiveness for any sin(s) we have committed)
  • Seek the Spirit’s empowerment in our lives
  • Putting on the Armour of God

Therefore, I would encourage you to start in Ephesians 6:10-20, focussing and praying specifically on putting on the whole armour of God (vv.14-17). Maybe you could spend just a few minutes each day for the next week or two, reflecting and meditating on what it looks like for you to put on the individual elements listed by Paul.

Seeking the Spirit’s Power

I’ll close with an encouragement.

It is easy to get caught up in thinking that the Spirit’s empowerment is all about miracles, or visible signs (e.g. speaking in tongues), but the Spirit’s empowerment is so much more, and in a way, so much simpler. Romans 8:10 reminds us that the Spirit gives life. The same Spirit who raised Christ from the dead, breathing life into rotting flesh is in us and breathes life into our hearts!

As elders we are working our way through Enjoying God by Tim Chester. In chapter nine Chester asks his readers to think about experiences of the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives:

all the good we do is done in the power of the Spirit. When you have faith in Christ, you’re enjoying the Spirit’s life. When you willingly serve God, you’re enjoying the Spirit’s life. When you joyfully sacrifice for Christ, you’re enjoying the Spirit’s life. When you have any affection for your Christian brothers and sister, you’re enjoying the Spirit’s life. When you recoil from sin, you’re enjoying the Spirit’s life. When you have any desire for holiness, you’re enjoying the Spirit’s life.’

Reflection: How are you experiencing the power and life of the Spirit each day?