Children and Youth

Creche (0-3 years)

Every Sunday morning we run Creche facilities. You can stay in with your child or leave them with our team of leaders. In the Creche we’ve got plenty of toys, comfortable seating, with the audio from the service being streamed live into the room with you.

We also have dedicated facilities on site for baby changing!

Primary Sunday School (4-8 years)

Phil and Mandy run our Sunday School each week with a team of volunteers. The children take part in a wide range of activities including singing, arts and crafts and story telling. Throughout the year we get to see what the children have been up to with special presentation Sundays – this includes a mid-year performance as well as a Christmas presentation.

Junior Church (9-11 years)

Ruth and her team host Junior Church each week. The children have a dedicated room to meet in and learn from the Bible through study and creativity.

Encounter (12-16 years)

On the road to Emmaus (Luke 24:13-35) two disciples walked with Jesus without realising who he was. Jesus taught them all about himself, but it wasn’t until they saw him that their hearts were set ablaze. It took an encounter with Jesus for their lives to be changed. As important as good teaching is, an encounter makes all the difference. This is our hope and vision for the youth at PRBC.